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Rachel & Niq: Engaged!

Kansas City Park Engagement Session

Since Sunday afternoons are best spent enjoying the company of your loved ones, and because we haven’t blogged in a while, what better time to share this lovely Kansas City park engagement session! Rachel and Niq are madly in love, which is beautifully evident in their photographs. They have some amazing plans for their wedding coming up later this year, and we couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to capture such a special day for these two sweet souls.


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  • Anna - Wow, this is so beautiful! Love all of your pictures so much. I really can feel the love!ReplyCancel

  • Bec - They really are adorable! ReplyCancel

  • Emily - Love that floral print dress! Does it have pockets? Do you know where she got it from?ReplyCancel

    • Rachel - Emily, it DOES have pockets! It was basically a dream come true. ReplyCancel

  • jessie - That ring….! wow. ReplyCancel

Capturing Authentic Wedding Day Images


With a new year comes new goals, and one of our goals this year is to share more content on our blog both for brides and grooms and also for our fellow wedding photographers! Recently we were approached with the question: “Shooting a wedding can be a difficult yet rewarding job – there are so many moving parts, and it passes so quickly. What are your top tips for capturing moments without distracting from the main event?”

This is a great discussion topic! We are with our clients for the entire wedding day, from hair and makeup, to the late night dancing, with so many details, events, and emotions to catch, and we strive to do it all as authentically as possible, so that we can truly capture all of these things without being too intrusive. Wedding days move fast, can feel a bit chaotic, and quite frankly, photographing the day can quickly become an overwhelming task. This is why we’ve narrowed down our top four tips to capture the day without distracting from the main event.


This is perhaps the single best practice to photographing a wedding day without being a distraction. We meet with all of our clients before the big day to run through every detail from start to finish. The more we prepare ahead of time, the less we have to intervene. It never fails, a bride will get asked SO many questions throughout her wedding day, and we as the photographers do not want to add to that. We want to be organized with our timeline, our photo list, and our plan A and plan B for portraits. It starts when we arrive in the morning to capture the brides details and finishing touches of hair and makeup. We ask our brides to have all of their details items (dress, shoes, jewelry, etc) set aside in one place, ready for us to grab, so that when we arrive we do not have to pull her away from getting hair and makeup done or enjoying mimosas with her girls to go and gather her things together. We talk with our couples about portrait time and plan out specific locations we will stop, including our back-up locations in the case of inclement weather, so that we won’t have to bother them with questions about that while they are trying to enjoy the company of their friends and family. We talk through the details of the ceremony and events of the reception so that we can know what to expect and prepare for, and be ready to capture the moment when it happens. Planning ahead is a game changer. Being prepared before the day even arrives makes all the difference capturing those key moments without distraction!



Let’s face it. Sometimes beautiful moments unfold in some not-so-beautiful ways. There are certain parts of the day with big potential for raw, real emotion. A mom buttoning her daughter’s dress, a groom laying eyes on his soon-to-be wife for the very first time, a bride taking her father’s arm seconds before walking down the aisle, or a heartfelt toast by the couple’s closest friends… we want to capture the these emotional moments, and we want them to look beautiful. Before mom helps her daughter get dressed, we’ll direct them on where to stand. We’ll give the couple a run down on how the First Look will play out so they know what to expect, and we don’t have to stop and give them directions during the moment. When it comes time for the toasts at the reception, we’ll offer our suggestions on where the bride and groom and the toasters should stand, maybe clearing their dinner plates from the head table or moving over the tall flower arrangement that could potentially hide their faces from our camera view. This direction not only offers us the opportunity to capture the moment in a pretty setting with optimal lighting, but it also puts people at ease, taking away feelings of awkwardness that can come from being in front of a camera, allowing for more authentic emotions. By giving a little bit of direction to our clients before these moments play out, we can then step back out of the way and simply capture the moment as it unfolds.




This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is absolutely worth mentioning. When the wedding ceremony begins, our flashes turn off. For obvious reasons, flash is completely distracting from the moment, and not just for the guests, for the couple as well. Imagine being the bride or groom, standing at the altar soaking in the moment as your spouse reads their vows to you, and boom. Flash! Not only has the couple been distracted from their moment, but now the photographer has lost the chance to capture those uninhibited emotions. Not all churches or venues are light and bright, offering easily well-lit ceremony photographs. It can be important to talk about ceremony lighting ahead of time. If our clients are dreaming of a romantic, evening, candle-lit ceremony, we will talk with them about the importance of having appropriate lighting placed on the altar so that they can still be seen both by their guests and by our cameras without the distraction of flash.

While we are equipped to capture these dimly lit settings without the help of extra flash, family and friends that bring their own cameras or plan to take photos with their phones may not understand the importance of turning off those automatic flashes, so it can also be really helpful to inform guests ahead of time about having a flash-free ceremony. Whether it be the exchange of vows or the first dance, everyone wants a to capture their own photos of the couple, and technology continues to bring new ways to do this, and we’re not just talking about the ever-improving iPhone camera. We recently discovered LIGHT, a brand new camera model that gives you all the power of a DSLR in one little pocket-sized body, capturing moments in their natural light with amazing high resolution quality. Check it out HERE!



The very best moments are sometimes the in-between ones. The moments that happen when you are least expecting them. We do our best to always be present, always watching, cameras strapped on even when we are running for a quick restroom break, so that when the unexpected moment catches our eye, we are ready for it. I will never forget one wedding day while I was at the bride’s home waiting for her to get her hair finished,  I was walking down the hall seeing what all the girls were up to, and as I passed the bedroom doorway I caught a glimpse of the sweetest little face gazing up in awe of the wedding gown. There she was, barely peeking out from behind the bed frame, arms folded up over her shoulders, just taking it in the beauty of the “princess dress” hanging before her. As soon as my camera clicked, she looked my way and her little feet took off in the other direction. It’s these little in-between moments that happen ever so quickly that create the most treasured photos.


If you have a topic you’d like to hear our two cents on, please leave us a comment below!


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Phoenix Arizona Bridal Portraits | Destination Wedding Photographers

Phoenix, Arizona Bridal Portraits

Destination Wedding Photographers

We are now Destination Wedding Photographers! Over the past couple of years we’ve had the opportunity to travel more, and we have loved every minute of it!  Our traveling and destination wedding inquiries have taken us to Colorado, Boston, Nebraska, and in the near future we’ll be headed to Mexico! Last month we flew out to Arizona to shoot a wedding in Scottsdale, and while we were there, we made the most of our time by squeezing in a quick bridal shoot. This desert setting we found in the Phoenix area was the perfect spot to bring our vision to life.

If you are planning your big day outside of the Kansas City area, whether a destination wedding or elopement, or a hometown wedding, contact us today to talk with us about our travel options!

Bouquet: Teonna’s Floral Design

Hair & Makeup: Traci Morby Styling

Destination Wedding Photographers ArizonaArizona Destination Wedding Photographersdesertbridal012desertbridal015desertbridal027desertbridal026desertbridal023


See our past Destination Wedding in Boston here.



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  • Teonna Earp - Nice job ladies and Thank you for sharing your pictures with me!!!ReplyCancel

McCormick Ranch Golf Club Scottsdale Arizona Wedding | Arizona Wedding Photographers

Arizona Wedding Photographers

McCormick Ranch Golf Club, Scottsdale Arizona

Dayna & Tyler: Married!

Last weekend we traveled to Arizona for a beautiful and sunny wedding weekend! A few years ago Dayna was in a wedding that we photographed here in Kansas City, and we were absolutely thrilled when she called us after she and Tyler got engaged, asking us if we’d be interested in flying out to Scottsdale to photograph their wedding! We loved every bit of this wedding weekend, getting to know Dayna and Tyler, working with their friends and families, and of course the gorgeous desert scenery. Since these two aren’t close enough to make a trip to the M&B studio for a wedding viewing party, we wanted to share a quick highlight for them here on the blog!

Dayna and Tyler, congrats on your beautiful new marriage and thank you for asking us to be a part of your big day!


Look at that sweet little note we found laying on the bedside table in Dayna’s hotel room that her mom had left for her the night before… last night as Miss Peterson!


Their fur baby Melvin was the ring bearer, and he even got his own tux!


Instead of lighting a unity candle, Dayna and Tyler chose to do a customized wine box. They had their guests write notes to them, put them in the box with their wine, and nailed it shut. They plan to open it up on their 5th anniversary!

2016-11-18_00162016-11-18_00202016-11-18_0021We usually do a late night photo with our couples before we leave the reception. Well, when you get married two days before there’s going to be a super moon, there’s no getting around it. We had to do a photo at dusk with that gorgeous moon shining bright over the golf course! Then we pulled them out towards the end of the night for shoot looking out over the lake. Can’t beat a view with palm trees, mountains, and a starry sky!




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  • Donna - Thank you for the wonderful pictures, they are beautifulReplyCancel

Allie’s Cabin Mountaintop Wedding | Beaver Creek Vail Colorado Wedding Photographers

Vail Colorado Wedding Photographers

Allie’s Cabin, Beaver Creek Resort

Mountaintop Wedding

Brooke & Brad: Married!

In case we haven’t said it enough… we LOVE Colorado! The past few years we’ve been out to shoot some winter engagements and while the snowy mountains are breathtaking, it was so refreshing to get out there in August with the bright colors and lush green views. Brooke and Brad had a classic, elegant wedding at Allie’s Cabin, a cozy mountain wedding venue nestled amongst the aspen trees. The ceremony took place on the cabin’s deck which offers a wide open view of the mountains. You really could not dream of a more perfect backdrop for a Colorado wedding ceremony. From the pretty summery blooms right down to Brooke’s Hey Lady heels, the day was stunning.

Vail Colorado Wedding Photographerscoloradowedding086coloradowedding095coloradowedding111coloradowedding127coloradowedding138coloradowedding141coloradowedding171coloradowedding234coloradowedding238coloradowedding243coloradowedding244coloradowedding272Vail Colorado Wedding PhotographersVail Colorado Wedding Photographers


This beautiful Colorado wedding was also featured on the popular wedding site, Borrowed and Blue! You can see more HERE!

Venue: Allie’s Cabin, Beaver Creek Colorado

Flowers: A Secret Garden, Vail Colorado

Cake: Mountain Flour, Vail Colorado

Dress: Mia’s Bridal, Kansas City


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