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As part of our Inspire Me blog series, we are going to be bringing you some great DIY wedding ideas throughout the year to help you create fabulous, personal details for your big day!

DIY Photo-Lined Envelopes

Okay, okay. We’re sure you don’t want to sit and personalize each of your 200-300 wedding invitations with a photo-lined envelope! But this idea is perfect for a shower, a rehearsal dinner, or even a smaller wedding. We went classic black and white for our example, but just think of how fun this could be with a bright colorful photo, and matching colored envelopes! Read on for the how-to!

All you’ll need is some nice, heavy paper to print your photos on (card stock is just a bit too thick for this gig in my opinion, as it doesn’t fold as easily when it’s time to seal that envelope), scissors, and a glue stick. Print your photos out in the same size as your invitations. These invitations were size 5×7, so I printed the photos out as 5×7’s as well. Apply your glue to the back of the photo, and then slide the photo into the envelope and glue it in place just below the envelope adhesive on the flap. Voila! That’s it. It’s that easy!


Rehearsal Dinner invitations don’t have to be boring! Choose a style that fits you as a couple and let it set the mood for the night! Often times the Rehearsal invitation only gives your wedding party info on the Rehearsal Dinner. One of the things we love about this invitation is that it has info for both the rehearsal and the dinner on it. All of those wedding party members just might show up to the rehearsal on time if they have it written down in front of them when and where they are supposed to be! 😉


You can find this Rehearsal Invitation online HERE!

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