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Abe & Jake’s Wedding

Michelle & Jim: Married!

It’s a special thing to be a part of someone’s wedding day. We are there from start to finish, next to the bride’s side most of the day. So when an old childhood friend asked if I would shoot her wedding, I was so excited to reconnect with her and spend this very special day with her!
burtwedding011_WEBburtwedding023_WEBHow adorable are these mini wedding party members? Triplets and their six year old brother! 🙂burtwedding050_WEBburtwedding066_WEBburtwedding095_WEBburtwedding137_WEBburtwedding172_WEBburtwedding189_WEBburtwedding193_WEBburtwedding200_WEBburtwedding204_WEBburtwedding211_WEBburtwedding226_WEBburtwedding245_WEBburtwedding258_WEBburtwedding262_WEBburtwedding286_WEBburtwedding295_WEB


A beautiful reception at Abe & Jake’s!

burtwedding312_WEBburtwedding377_WEBOne of the most touching speeches I’ve heard, given by the groom’s brother…burtwedding398_WEBThe night ended with quite a party on the dance floor! Such a fun night complete with ripped pants and blood on the floor after a crazy worm move!burtwedding480_WEBburtwedding516_WEB

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  • Lisa Balmer - Beautiful as always! Michelle, I loved spending the day with you and seeing you so happy! What a memorable day!ReplyCancel